Liquid compontent kits containing phospholipid extract and silica contact activator. Sensitive to heparin as well as factors and insensitive to lupus anticoagulant.

Medirox APTT liquid reagent is used for in vitro determination of the Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT).

APTT is measured to obtain a global evaluation of the intrinsic pathway and for monitoring heparin anticoagulant therapy. The Medirox APTT reagent has been designed to provide an extra long reaction time in order to obtain a high resolution for clearest interpretation of results.

Liquid components, ready to use

Colloidal silicate contact activator

Insensitive to LA

Highly sensitive to unfractionated heparin

Excellent factor sensitivity 

Sensitivity & Specificity

Details & typical data

Product form: Liquid components
Available volumes: • 5 mL
• 10 mL
• Other filling volumes available upon request
Origin: Colloidal silicate with phospholipids
Additional products needed: • CaCl2 (included in MRX930 and MRX931 kits)
• Eximius Control Basic or Plus (L1/L2/L3) (MRX170-MRX173, MRX180-MRX183)
• No calibration required
Expected values, normal donors: 27-35 sec

Heparin sensitivity

0 IU/mL 30 sec
0,2 IU/mL 70 sec
0,4 IU/mL 174 sec

Factor sensitivity

<1 % 86 sec 71 sec 92 sec
10 % 46 sec 44 sec 51 sec
40 % 34 sec 34 sec 34 sec
100 % 29 sec 29 sec 29 sec

Stability & Storage

Storage: 2-8 °C
Shelf-life: 24 months at 2-8 °C
Open vial stability: 30 days at 2-25 °C

Ordering information

Ref. No Product description Size
MRX930 MRX APTT (reagent + CaCl2) 5x5 mL + 5x5 mL
MRX931 MRX APTT (reagent + CaCl2) 5x10 mL + 5x10 mL
MRX170 Eximius Control Basic, L1+L2+L3 4+4+2x1 mL
MRX171/172/173 Eximius Control Basic, L1/L2/L3 10x1 mL pack per level
MRX180 Eximius Control Plus, L1+L2+L3 4+4+2x1 mL
MRX181/182/183 Eximius Control Plus, L1/L2/L3 10x1 mL pack per level
GHI163/169 Scandinavian Control Basic, L1/L2 10x1 mL pack per level
GHI162/167B Scandinavian Control Multi, L1/L2 10x1 mL pack per level
GHI164/170 Scandinavian Control Multi Plus, L1/L2 10x1 mL pack per level
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