Eximius Controls

This product line comes in two versions, Basic and Plus, available in three levels in order to fulfill various international requirements and needs.

For efficient and convinient quality control Medirox offers Eximius controls. The Eximius Controls are avalible in two versions – Basic and Plus – each available in up to three levels. The Basic version is suitable for the routine laboratory (including D-dimer) whereas the Plus version is suitable for the specialised laboratory.

All controls are co-produced with identical assay values, which means that one single Eximius control can replace three or four competitive products. This will reduce cost and work-time but also unify the quality assessment program for a laboratory organisation.

Multiple parameters in one control

D-Dimer included in basic version

Plus version adds free protein S, protein C, plasminogen and

Excellent stability, up to 30 months storage, up to 54 hours

Can be used on most coagulation systems

Sensitivity & Specificity

Basic Control

Typical Levels
Analytes Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
PT Owren´s (INR) 0,90-1,20 2,30-2,90 3,22-4,06
PT Quick (sec) 10-16 25-35 38-55
TT (sec) 14-17 - -
APTT (sec) 28-32 54-66 65-105
Fibrinogen (g/L) 2,20-3,50 1,30-1,80 0,90-1,40
AT (IU/mL) 0,80-1,20 0,35-0,55 0,21-0,33
D-dimer DDU (mg/L)* 0,30-0,50 0,80-1,20 1,30-1,60
*Results in both DDU and FEU

Plus Control

Typical Levels
Analytes Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
All Basic Analytes Typical Basic levels Typical Basic levels Typical Basic levels
FPS (IU/mL) 0,80-1,10 0,35-0,55 0,15-0,30
PC (IU/mL) 0,85-1,10 0,35-0,55 0,15-0,30
Plasminogen IU/mL 0,80-1,20 0,35-0,55 0,21-0,33
Factors (IU/mL) 0,65-1,25 0,13-0,68 0,05-0,35

Stability & Storage

Parameters Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Product form: Lyophilised Lyophilised Lyophilised
Storage: 2-8 °C 2-8 °C 2-8 °C
Shelf life: 30 months at 2-8 °C 30 months at 2-8 °C 28 months at 2-8 °C
Reconstituted solution: *** 54 hours at 2-25 °C 54 hours at 2-25 °C 54 hours at 2-25 °C
*** PT 24 hours stability (L1-L3)

Ordering Information

Ref. No Product Description Size
MRX170 Eximius Control Basic, Triple Level Kit (L1+L2+L3) 4x1 mL + 4x1 mL + 2x1 mL
MRX171 Eximius Control Basic, L1 10x1 mL
MRX172 Eximius Control Basic, L2 10x1 mL
MRX173 Eximius Control Basic, L3 10x1 mL
MRX180 Eximius Control Plus, Triple Level Kit (L1+L2+L3) 4x1 mL + 4x1 mL + 2x1 mL
MRX181 Eximius Control Plus, L1 10x1 mL
MRX182 Eximius Control Plus, L2 10x1 mL
MRX183 Eximius Control Plus, L3 10x1 mL
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