February 16, 2021

Medirox will merge with Nordic Biomarker

We are happy to announce that as of Q1 2022 Medirox will merge with Nordic Biomarker. Our company name will be Nordic Biomarker and Medirox will remain as our strong, well-known brand name. We will continue offering both CE-marked Medirox branded kits and a
full range of OEM products.

Nordic Biomarker and Medirox have been sister companies and collaborated closely since 2017 and our shared vision is to be a leading supplier in the coagulation market and to keep offering a broad, high quality reagent portfolio. As a result of this merger, we will be able to increase efficiency and build on the strong R&D-tradition from both companies and continue to bring new and innovative coagulation reagents and controls to you.

We want to share this information with you already now since the merger will have some practical implications for you during 2021 and 2022. Below you will find some important dates and information regarding the merger:

Your sales contacts will remain the same but as of March 1st, 2021 your contact will email you from the nordicbiomarker.com domain. From this date, all emails should be sent to firstname.familyname@nordicbiomarker.com. Any emails sent to the medirox.se domain after this date will receive an autoreply.

order@medirox.se will remain active throughout 2021 and all products will still be delivered as usual from Medirox. From Q1 2022, all deliveries will come from Nordic Biomarker’s facility in Umeå, Sweden, and all orders should be sent to order@nordicbiomarker.com.

We will update both product numbers and product names for all products currently delivered by Medirox when deliveries start taking place from Umeå, Sweden. Detailed information about the exact product numbers and product names of all Medirox labelled products will be provided to you no later than April 2nd, 2021. This means that the legal manufacturer will change from Medirox to Nordic Biomarker. If you currently have any registrations for Medirox products in your market you may need to inform regulatory authorities about these changes. We appreciate if you can review your registrations and come back to us and we will be happy to assist you in the process.

During Q3 2021 we will launch our joint website, www.nordicbiomarker.com.
After this, if you enter www.medirox.se you will automatically be forwarded to www.nordicbiomarker.com. All information and downloads will be available on our new website.

With good planning, we believe these changes will work smoothly for all of us. Please contact your Sales contact, or our Sales Coordinator Maria Zavodnik if you have any further questions: (maria.zavodnik@nordicbiomarker.com)