February 25, 2016

MediRox’s education event


Martina Nylander, PhD, holding a lecture for MediRox customers

The education was held at the MediRox production plant in Studsvik. The goal with the event was to share as much information as possible about our PT Owrens reagent, especially it’s preparation, usage, and handling, and the applications on the Siemens analysers, as well as troubleshooting. 

“This is the first time I have organized such an event and it was a great experience,” says Vlada Dapkute, Area Manager Eastern Europe.

“We got so much out of it – it was great to hear positive feedback from our customers, learn more about the problems they experience in their work, and have the ability to help them solve most of these issues,” adds Martina Nylander, Research & Development Scientist.

“We also got a request of to put up some kind of instruction video on the website so our customers can see how PT Owrens could be prepared for usage and used in the proper way. A very smart initiative that we will try to arrange for,” says Tommy Larsson, QC manager.