January 02, 2015

Important product update December 2015

Starting from January 2016 these changes will be introduced, and customers who from different reasons (regulatory
or internal regulations) prefer the older packing are asked to inform us as soon as possible. Note that all private labels
and specially barcoded products will not be updated unless agreed separately with individual customers. This update
regards only the general MediRox brand products.

The new graphical profile, a new product nomenclature and labelling according to the UDI and UDID standard
(Unique Device Identifier/Database) has been introduced to the MediRox product lines, and at the same time we will
update the packing’s appearance.

The update will give the users several new features and possibilities:
1. New box design and product names
All MediRox products will come in new colour printed boxes and all reagents are trademark profiled with
MRX as name prefix.
2. EAN codes
Outer box label with EAN simplifies ware house logistics and monitoring of inventory. A new label mounted
around the box corner enables view of Lot number and Expiry from the side.
3. Vial label barcode system
Using the added barcode instruments can identify vials automatically.
4. Vial size DIN18 42.5×22 modification
The 42.5 mm high vial is changed to 40 mm.

New box design and product name
– The outer box comes colour printed in the new graphical profile.
– All reagents will have the MRX prefix added to their names, to unify and trademark reagents.
Note however that article numbers remain same for registration purposes

Important product update pdf December 2015