December 21, 2015

MediRox's new graphic profile and new logo

The new graphic profile will be launched gradually in 2016, and includes marketing materials, a new website and new product packaging.

Examples of changes to the new packaging:

  • All reagents will get MRX as a prefix to the name. The part number will remain unchanged, however, for regulatory reasons.
  • The bottles will be provided with an ‘on-board’ bar code. This bar code, however, is not adapted to the Siemens/Sysmex instruments. Only the PK Owren GHI131-SI has such a barcode. (Siemens art nr 10873498).
  • The outer box will be equipped with EAN barcode that can be used by automated warehouse management systems.
  • The height of some of the odd vial types have been standardized to 40 mm.