A haemostasis partner to trust

High quality and deep knowledge of the haemostasis field lies at the core of everything we do, from development to production, marketing, sales and support.


Medirox provides reagents for the routine and speciality coagulation diagnostics . Medirox has become a well-known international supplier both to distributors and OEM partners world-wide. The products are CE marked and produced under ISO 13485:2016 regulations.


Order & Production

The manufacturing takes place at our company headquarter located at Studsvik’s outskirts of Nyköping. Here we handle production, administration, logistics, warehousing and quality control.


The production site is located in Studsvik, near the city of Nyköping, Sweden, approximately one-hour south of Stockholm. The production site is equipped with our own quality control laboratory, cold storage, biochemical production, lyophilising units etc. At the production site we also have other functions such as order, logistics, warehousing and administration.


Sales & Marketing

As a customer-driven organisation, our highly specialised staff at the marketing department works hard to support our customers across the globe.


Medirox Sales & Marketing office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Here we have a dedicated team that is commited to support our partners and distributors. Medirox is actively expanding its network of distributors who can bring our high quality  coagulation reagents to laboratories around the world.


Research & Development

Medirox’s R&D department is located at Medicine and Health Sciences, Linköping University. Here, we develop reagents, plasma control material and plasma calibrators for coagulation diagnostics.


Medirox R&D department is located in Linköping, Sweden. The department is situated within the University Hospital and we have a close collaboration with the University Hospital and their laboratory and their clinical experts within haemostasis. Our R&D team is continuously developing new reagents that are requested in the market and therefore we have several new reagents in the pipeline.


The Medirox team consists of experienced managers, scientists, technicians and regulatory resources who are ready to support you. 

Rikard Rodén

CEO Studsvik

Anna Gimlander

CFO Adminstrator of HR and Finance, Studsvik

Göran Aronsson, PhD

Sales and Marketing Director Sales & Marketing, Stockholm

Paula Kiiveri, MSc

Key Account Manager Sales & Marketing, Stockholm

Eva Göhl, MSc

Site Manager Production, Studsvik

Martina Abelius, PhD

Research & Development Scientist R&D, Linköping

Sara Helander, PhD

Research & Development Scientist R&D, Linköping

Anna Persson, MSc

Research & Development Scientist R&D, Linköping

Linda Östling, BSc

QA/QC Manager QC, Studsvik

Veronica Regemar, MScEng

Quality Engineer QC, Studsvik

Eva Håkansson

Laboratory Technician QC QC, Studsvik

Tommy Larsson, MSc

Laboratory Engineer QC Product Support & Development, Studsvik

Lovisa Lyckö

Order & Production Planner Production, Studsvik

Christer Hultman

Facility and Production Technician Production, Studsvik

Bitte Hedlund

Production Engineer Production, Studsvik

Carina Esseus

Production Engineer Production, Studsvik

Irene Klasson

Production Engineer Production, Studsvik

Liza Sandström

Production Engineer Production, Studsvik

Åsa Andersson

Production Engineer Production, Studsvik


Medirox was formed in 1998 from a merger of three companies; a research company called Global Haemostasis Institute and two major Scandinavian distributors within haemostasis –  IL Scandinavia AB and BioMed AB. The company has therefore a longer history than 20 years in the field and has a strong research focus and a solid knowledge on the haemostasis field.