Leading haemostasis diagnostics products

Medirox develops, manufactures and markets reagents, controls and calibrators for improved efficiency in haemostasis diagnostics.


Medirox produces high quality control plasmas and diagnostic reagents such as PT, APTT, Fib Clauss, TT, AT, D-Dimer and Free Protein S within the field of haemostasis.


The Medirox team consists of experienced managers, scientists, technicians and regulatory resources who will support you in the best way they possibly can. We continually push innovation within our industry and apply the latest insights in our efforts.

Rikard Rodén

CEO Studsvik

Anna Gimlander

CFO Adminstrator of HR and Finance, Studsvik

Magdalena Tharaldsen, MSc

Director of Business Development, Europe Sales & Marketing, Stockholm

Paula Kiiveri, MSc

Key Account Manager Sales & Marketing, Stockholm

Eva Göhl, MSc

Director Technical Organisation Production, Studsvik

Martina Abelius, PhD

Research & Development Scientist R&D, Linköping

Sara Helander, PhD

Research & Development Scientist R&D, Linköping

Anna Persson, MSc

Research & Development Scientist R&D, Linköping

Linda Östling, BSc

QA/QC Manager QC, Studsvik

Veronica Regemar, MScEng

Quality Engineer QC, Studsvik

Eva Håkansson

Laboratory Technician QC QC, Studsvik

Tommy Larsson, MSc

Laboratory Engineer QC Product Support & Development, Studsvik

Lovisa Lyckö

Order & Production Planner Production, Studsvik

Christer Hultman

Facility and Production Technician Production, Studsvik

Bitte Hedlund

Production Engineer Production, Studsvik

Carina Esseus

Production Engineer Production, Studsvik

Irene Klasson

Production Engineer Production, Studsvik

Liza Sandström

Production Engineer Production, Studsvik

Åsa Andersson

Production Engineer Production, Studsvik