MRX Thrombin Time

Lyophilised reagent with dual formats for detection of fibrinogen abnormalities, and the presence of heparin and other thrombin inhibitors in human citrated plasma.

Thrombin Time (TT) is a common clotting test used to detect fibrinogen abnormalities, and the presence of heparin and other thrombin inhibitors in human citrated plasma. In order to fulfil these features, MRX TT reagent comes with two reconstitution volumes, 2 mL for heparin detection and 5 mL for the detection of fibrinogen malfunction.

High precision, CV ≤2,1 % within and between runs

One vial reagent with multiple reconstitution volumes (2 or 5 mL of distilled water)

Suitable for optical and mechanical instruments


General Description

The TT assay is performed to study a patient’s fibrin polymerisation, for the evaluation of disseminated intravascular coagulation, and for hereditary fibrinogen abnormalities. A prolonged thrombin time is usually seen in patient plasma with low fibrinogen concentration, and in patient plasma with defect in fibrinogen cleavage. TT might be used for the evaluation of plasmas with prolonged APTT. MRX TT is affected by fibrinogen inhibitors such as heparin, hirudin etc.

Performance Characteristics

Plasma fibrinogen is cleaved by thrombin to form fibrin, which polymerises to form a fibrin clot. Fibrinogen present in the sample is converted to fibrin by the addition of purified bovine thrombin and the time (measured in seconds) to form a clot is reported as the thrombin time.

MRX TT utilises equal parts of reagent and sample when screening for the presence of heparin as well as fibrinogen malfunction. An abnormal clotting time interval could indicate fibrinogen deficiency, hypofibrinogenemia, heparin therapy or dabigatran therapy.

Sensitivity & Specificity

Details & Typical Data

Product form: Lyophilised
Sensitivity: MRX941 (2 mL) is sensitive for heparin in the range 0,03‑0,25 IU/mL
Normal Range: MRX941 (2 mL) 7,8 sec; MRX941 (5 mL) 17,1 sec
Interfering substances: Thrombin time results may be affected (results in prolonged clotting time) by many commonly administered drugs. For example heparin, and direct thrombin inhibitors (DTI) such as hirudin and dabigatran, and other factor II inhibitor drugs. Thrombin time is also affected by haemolysis and high bilirubin concentration.

Stability & Storage

Storage: 2-8 ºC
Shelf life: 24 months at 2-8 ºC
Reconstituted solution: 8 days at 2-8 °C 3 days at 15-25 °C

Ordering Information

Reference Number Product Description Pack Size
MRX941 MRX Thrombin Time 10x5mL
MRX171 Eximius Control Basic L1 10x1 mL
MRX181 Eximius Control PLUS L1 10x1 mL
GHI154 Diluent (pur. water, reconst.) 10x8 mL
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