Welcome to MediRox

Advanced diagnostics and quality controls for coagulation.

MediRox is a Swedish producer of high quality Control plasmas and Diagnostic reagents for coagulation analytes such as PT, APTT, AT and D-Dimer.  We also develop and market the ReoRox rheometers utilising the unique FOR technology making it one of the most sensitive blood rheometers in the world.

We are proud to be one of the market leaders in the Nordic countries, and to be OEM supplier to several of the international leading coagulation companies. MediRox origins from researchers connected to the wellknown Coagulation Laboratory at Linköpings University Hospital, who is a driving force in the strong Nordic coagulation tradition. The company is currently expanding with the goal to build up a network of distributors around the world and bring the Nordic Coagulation tradition world wide.

All products are CE marked and produced under ISO13485 regulations. MediRox is ISO13485 certified by DNV Den Norske Veritas license number 98565-2011-AQ-SWE-NA.